Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Through the Days

Is there ever a time for complaint as a Christian?

I really wish there was sometimes. I wish that if my cat died, it was acceptable for me to complain. That if a co-worker is being rather a nag or today's humidity is not to my liking, I could grumble to whoever I please.

The answer is obviously simple, complaints are not a mark of a true Christian. And in just thinking about this, I know that they leave my mouth all too often. 

So here me out in this. 
This is not a complaint. 
This is not me whining. 

These words are for the Christian out there, in any circumstance. I do not care if you are in the perfect environment or in a horrible one. If you have your dream job or hate your current profession. If you just aced your exam or barely scraped a passing score. No matter who you are or what you do, the bad day will come in some form. 

And when the bad days come upon you, please be strong. Don't allow these to defeat you.

When we put loads of effort into our work and it goes by unnoticed or unappreciated, do not waiver. When you are the minority and you alone believe in Him, stand tall and stay the course. If people ridicule Jesus in our faces, say communion is practicing cannibalism, or the Bible is just another piece of fiction alongside The Odyssey, smile and keep loving them. When no one else is interested in knowing who Jesus is, persevere and pray. When the darkness feels tangible, boldly speak truth.

You do not have to read in between the lines to see I have had a few of these long days. I needed some encouragement. I needed to do some seeking. The result was my wife and I taking our new camera and going on a quick morning hike Saturday. We had fun and meaningful conversation, and the beauty around us was the perfect medicine.

Because every day from here on will not be perfect, let us encourage each other further by keeping firm in the faith. Seek the the beauty of our Lord. Glorify Him with me in both the tough and incredible days. Do not waiver, so that in days of trials we can look to each other, see Jesus more easily, and keep going on. Help me by living out our hope, shining like stars in our universes.

Showing all who our God is.

And everyone else their potential God. 

Stay humble and laugh a lot.

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