Monday, November 24, 2014

A new friend

Let the heavens be glad, and let the earth rejoice;
let the sea roar, and all that fills it;
let the fields exult, and everything in it!
Then shall all the trees of the forest sing for joy
before the LORD, for he comes, 
for he comes to judge the earth.
He will judge the world in righteousness, 
and the peoples in his faithfulness. 
-Psalm 96: 11-13

I have met someone incredible recently. His name is David. The son of a couple in the church we are a part of, David is one of a kind. He is the guy who makes the naturally pure, unforced type of smile come over anyone. Even now just thinking about him, I can't help but grin. 

David is a blessing in human form, a rarity in mankind today. Being challenged with Downs syndrome, some would say this is true, with thought only towards what they can physically take note of David. Allow them to spend just moments more with him, and they will see what I am talking about. 

Hopefully when you get to know him, you will see what I mean, or really hear it. David has a way with words. His speech is simple, yet deep. His voice is soft and gentle, but travels great distances. And the always following smile is contagious and warming. Since getting to know and be around him more, my ears are starting to automatically perk up every time I hear him speak. 

This past Saturday, our church family took part in a Homeless Banquet with a few other churches, and David was there. During the serving of food and drinks, and the passing out of sweatshirts, socks and Bibles, I brushed past David.

"Will," said David followed by a real long pause. "Looking good." He smiled and gave me a thumbs up. I had to give him a hug, and we kept serving. 

On Sunday, after a class discussing depression, David saw me and walked over. We made small talk about the Cardinals and what we were gonna eat while watching football that day. He then went on to the topic of class, and how one of his family members had battled depression for a real long time. The last thing he said stuck. 

"Giving thanks, Will...," there was a pause while he took a deep breath, "is the most important thing we can do, in the whole world." 

He caught me off guard and I almost broke down. I gathered myself and just barely teared up. I smiled and grabbed his shoulder. David smiled back. "You're so right," I said back. 

"One act of thanksgiving, when things go wrong with us, is worth a thousand thanks when things are agreeable to our inclinations." -Saint John of Avila

"The brave who focus on all things good and all things beautiful and all things true, even in the small, who give thanks for it and discover joy even in the here and now, they are the change agents who bring fullest Light to all the world." -Ann Voskamp

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