Saturday, April 18, 2015

One Year

So a month break from writing made for Christmas and family turns into six months, and I find myself here, shaking my head. It happened so fast. I could have written twenty if not more times. It is what it is, and what has brought me back is, without doubt, something to write about. 

As of Monday, that would be April 13th, Candace and I have had this knot tied for one year. And just like the time flew where I wished I had been writing, we feel like we walked down the aisle, blinked and are now finding ourselves where we are now. 

But the blink of a year is bursting at the seams of memories, pictures, stories, adventures and laughs. To celebrate being happily together for a year, we decided to stuff a few more in before we began round two. So we decided to go to Utah. 

Before crossing the state-line though, our first stop awaited us just outside of Page, Arizona, and only miles from Lake Powell. The following pictures are from the highly visited, regularly photographed Horsehoe Bend. 

Our following stop, and my next post, is of Lower Antelope Canyon.