Thursday, June 12, 2014

Something New

It has been a while, over half a year at least. Not that there has been any demand for any writing of mine, or that anyone is going to read this, I just kind of need to, personally. This is therapeutic. At least it feels that way. When I write, I feel like I am praying, journaling, and reflecting, along with other things.  It makes my prayers more solid to me, more concrete and thorough. In turn, I feel more put together and most thoughts in my mind are set in place. And the peace that comes with it is pretty cool. So, I have felt the want/need to write for a while. Funny how this urge happens when I have so little time to do so.

So many changes have taken place in these months. I graduated in December from university and got married just a few months after in April. Shortly after marriage an opportunity presented itself in the form of a job in Phoenix, Arizona. So close to a month ago, my bride, myself and my parents packed up our vehicles and made the haul from the middle of Texas to the middle of the desert, Phoenix.

Presently, Candace is looking for schools to become a Dental Hygienist, and I am getting work experience with an environmental chemical company. Even though I was interviewing with this company for several months before anything happened, making living in Phoenix a big possibility the entire time, my wife and I really didn't see us being here.

We thought that a job would come up in Texas where we could pay off loans and get more comfortable being married. Eventually then we would find a point when we could get on a plane and experience more international serving experiences, which we love.

Those long term plans of ours have not changed at all really, and I have to keep telling myself that. I have to be reminded that being in Phoenix does not change goals or dreams for us. It does not change our faith, our hope, why we do what we do. Even though I am working in a warehouse and typing on a computer, earning a salary, my "work" is not mine but the Lord's. This place needs light and life just as much as anywhere else. While we are here, we want to be channels of just that.

So to finish off on this slow afternoon at work, I leave you pictures that are going through my head of one place I miss, our family ranch, where we lived before the move.